The Global Leader of Exclusive Representation in Real Estate

Realty Trust is currently an unincorporated entity that is being structured to take over the management of the licensing process for Buyers Trust Real Estate, Sellers Trust Real Estate, Realty Trust Commercial and BIOS Building Technologies.

We are structuring several brokerages that that specialize in exclusive representation. Buyers Trust Real estate will only represent Buyers.  Sellers Trust Real Estate will only represent sellers.  Realty Trust Commercial will provide the same exclusive representation for buyers & sellers of commercial real estate.

Attornies around the country are predicting the demise of dual agency, the practice of representing both parties in a t


Creating An Employee Owned Global Real Estate Conglomerate.

Our sales associates will be independent contractors of the broker owned offices. Employee benefits such as insurance, profit share and retirement plans will be available through Realty Trust Corp. to increase retention and add stability.  The company will create real estate investment trusts to fund our retirement. Essentially we will all invest in what we do well, and we will all grow and prosper together.

Realty Trust is currently a DBA of BIOS Building Technologies LLC, a green contracting company, based in Thomaston, Connecticut. We are in the process of creating a new C Corp. Stock will be available in 2016.

Realty Trust Corp will provide the managerial structure of the company and The Green Marketing Company will provide the marketing services.

The company will spread across the globe by licensing offices instead of the typical franchise structure.

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