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Real estate agents & brokers can learn to increase earnings through specialization and referrals, No Dual Agency.  In 2016 Realty Trust Corp is launching the Realty Trust Network to promote real estate agents and brokers that specialize in buyers or sellers of residential, commercial and industrial property.

Wanted: Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Wanted: Real Estate Agents & BrokersRecruiting Real Estate Agents & Brokers


We are searching for 2 residential brokers for Connecticut. One broker for Sellers Trust and one broker for Buyers Trust.  All agents in Connecticut will come in under you.  Real Estate Agents and brokers are also sought for  local territories.Today you can secure your local town. We are searching for one real estate agent to specialize in each town. We have begun building our database and network and we are looking for proud Realtors that have earned the trust of their clients and want to increase their business.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE:  Tom Hill of Watertown has signed up as our Connecticut Commercial Broker. Realty Trust Commercial is recruiting real estate agents and brokers through out the state, across the country and around the world. We are building a team that will have ownership in the concept and the company.

APPRAISAL: Ron Diorio of Waterbury is the Connecticut broker for our Real Estate Appraisal division. We are searching for appraisers that want ownership in something that will support them in their retirement years.  We are building a team, are you ready for the major league?

In 1996 Steve Schappert created the Buyers Trust Real Estate Inc. In 2000 Schappert was featured on NBC as the premier buyer broker for Candlewood Lake. In 2001 the Buyers Trust network was recommended to home buyers across the country by Woman’s Day Magazine. Schappert has been featured in international publications for customer service, has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, Comcast for his knowledge of energy & construction. Schappert has been interviewed by newspapers across the country and media around the world.  Schappert knows publicity.

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