Sustainable living helps everyone now and later

Sustainable living helps everyone now and later

Sustainability, going green, green living, alternative energy, green building…this is the future and the future is now.

Realty Trust Corp is founded on two principles: 

  1. Do the right thing
  2. Create a sustainable world

Our Goal: build a more sustainable world one property at a time by building a trusted relationship with people that are buying, selling or managing property.

Back in 2007 NBC referred to Steve Schappert (Founder of Buyers Trust Real Estate)  as a leader in green Building. Schappert shipped one of his zero energy homes all the way to Germany and things exploded.

In 2008 the market crashed and as an exclusive buyer broker amidst articles in the New York times suggesting people just walk away from there homes, Schappert stepped away from the real estate scene to pursue his passion for a sustainable world.

Over the next 7 years Schappert focused on developing alternative energy with the BIOS WaterCar project. Schappert achieved a 58% increase in gas mileage in a 72′ Mustang. The project included a 28 day trip through 28 states with the car and Schappert was interviewed by ABC, NBC and CNN. The car was also the special feature of a dozen home shows and green events, most noticeably featured alongside Victor Cruz of the New York Giants.


The marketing success of the project lead to the birth of The Green Marketing Company. Schappert used this time to hone his skills in marketing and quietly observe the direction and evolution of the industry. The Green Marketing Company now focuses on promoting BIOS Building Technologies which is Schappert’s green contracting company.  The real estate brokerages will be the network that guides its growth around the world.

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